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"Wow! I didn't know a home this nice existed in Central Vermont.
You'd normally have to pay $750,000 and up to get something this nice!"



The Most Unique House In Vermont

This is the most exclusive website you will ever see selling a single VT Property, and for a good reason - you will not find any other real estate in Vermont like this one!

If you have been looking long, you have discovered just how hard it is to find that perfect country home.



The "Vermont House In The Country" Catch-22

Here's the quandary... you're moving to the country to escape the city - the hustle; the bustle; the hectic lifestyle - but when you begin your home search you discover that country folk have different standards than you are used to, and most available VT property is not at all what you had in mind. In fact 98% of Vermont Real Estate is not what someone escaping city life would want to own. Consequently you restrict your home search to the 2% of the state where homes are acceptable for your standards. The problem is that not only are they usually in the million dollar and up price range, but after buying and moving there you discover you really didn't move to the country - you simply moved to a neighborhood surrounded by other city folk. If you are looking to make your home away from the city, you will find this historic home is located in a true Vermont country setting. A place where you will find genuine ‘salt of the earth’ Vermont folks rather than neighborhoods filled with 2nd homes for city dwellers. This lovely setting is what Vermont is known for, and you will still be able to live in an uncommonly beautiful county home replete with stunning and innovative conveniences. With this Vermont property you get the best of both worlds.





Front of Home (summer)

  • New No-Maintenance Roof (25 yr. guarantee)
  • New No-Maintenance Siding
  • New No-Maintenance Lifetime Decking (800 sq. ft. deck front/side/back)
  • New No-Maintenance Railings and Posts
  • New High Tech High Efficiency Thermal Windows/Doors
  • Extra Insulation Significantly Increasing Warmth and Comfort, and decreasing heating costs by 60%


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Front: Spring/Summer Flower-Boxes

Bring the front of the house to life during the spring and summer months with these versatile flower-boxes.

When summer is over simply add the custom made flower-box lids providing shelves which hold pumpkins, etc. for fall decorating.





Front: Convert Flower-Box for Autumn Decor

Now that Autumn is here liven things up for the holidays. Simply add the custom made flower-box lids and viola!... you are ready to start decorating for ghosts and goblins!






Front: Convert Flower-Box Again For Christmas

Once again simply remove the custom made lids from the flower boxes and they're ready to now hold poinsettia plants.

The entire front porch simply yearns to add that festive feeling as the holidays arrive!






Rear of Home (Autumn)

The upstairs Master Bedroom has its own private deck. You won't find another house in Vermont with this feature. It doubles as a place under which to park the lawn tractor, snow blower, electric generator, etc.

The back deck is massive and multi-level; the detail of which is more clearly shown in the next picture.





Multi-Level Rear Deck

Several levels highlight this gorgeous over-sized deck. No maintenance lifetime decking requires nothing except washing!

A great place to spend warm summer evenings, barbecuing, etc.! A nice touch to this Vermont house.





North Side of the House (at dusk in the Spring)

Beautiful tulips grow here every year. My wife's favorite!

Immaculate grounds highlight this VT real estate.





Extra Heating Oil Tank

There is one tank in the basement (the main tank). The surplus external tank holds extra fuel. You're not likely to find this with any of the other homes for sale in Vermont.

Allows having sufficient to get through winter in case of oil shortage. Also allows for buying extra when oil prices drop to a good level; a very important feature considering our current economy.

Behind the tank you can see the new bulkhead doors we installed for the basement walk-out; typical to what you will find in Vermont homes.




Ample Space for Gardening, Etc. (Autumn picture)

We only plant a small part of what could be planted, but plenty to bring in a bounteous crop!

In this picture Autumn is entering in; thus the garden is mostly gone. A make-shift greenhouse is prolonging the life of our chile peppers.





North Side of the Property (Autumn)

This shot is from the front of the property, on the north side, and shows to the back of the property. The river is at the rear.

You can see our mobile chicken house and playground in the background.

Autumn... isn't it beautiful!





Mobile Chicken House (Chicken Tractor)

While living in the country we discovered the joy of having a few laying hens. Daily fresh organic eggs have been wonderful. The chicken house is on wheels... we move it from time to time, along with its portable fence, to keep the chickens in fresh free-range grass.

I took this picture at the right time of day, with the late afternoon sun hitting just right, which really demonstrates the beauty of Autumn which surrounds our gorgeous Vermont property. And, yes, even our chicken house is quaint! Nothing on this immaculate property is merely average.




Out Building Storage

Clad with the same maintenance-free siding and custom trim as the main house.

Used for outside storage of tools, etc.

Blends in beautifully with the rest of this VT property.





River-Front Vermont Property

A beautiful river graces the rear of the property.

VERY IMPORTANT, however, is the fact that the river lies at the bottom of our high bank property. This is key because though you get to have river-front property, you are in no danger whatsoever of being flooded. Sadly, Tropical Storm Irene devastated so much of Vermont with flooding. Where this unique property is nestled we scarcely even knew there was a storm.




We Walk 3 1/2 Miles Every Day For Exercise

Just a few yards from our door is the beginning of North Randolph Road. We follow that road about 1/4 of a mile to Kibbee Rd., which though it is not a private road it might as well be. Seldom do you see a car or person. We consider it our own private walk-way which is kept open year-round.

A beautiful stream runs along-side the dirt road. The beauty! The sound of the babbling stream! The sweet singing of birds! The thrilling sights of ample wildlife. Though we originally began walking this path for exercise, words fall short in describing the tranquil peace that is felt each and every day!

We have explored the far reaches of Vermont; east, west, north and south. You'll be hard pressed to find an ideal (walk - bike - horse - ATV - motorcycle - etc.) path like this one with any other real estate in Vermont.




Randolph Vermont

Once voted the best place to live by Time Magazine.

Our property is located about 15 minutes out of town. We never tire of the drive through the beautiful Vermont countryside on our way to Randolph; a charming little town nestled in the breathtaking Green Mountains.



Impeccable Blending of The Quaint Old With The Modern New

Each picture represents a room in this one-of-a-kind house in Vermont.
Click each one to see all of the pictures for each room.

     TOUR_kitchen-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_Dining-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_Entry_Living-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_Office-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont

This nearly 200 year-old extraordinary house in Vermont has been completely remodeled - in and out - from top to bottom. From the onset its current owners had a unique vision which they refused to compromise. They wanted to have all of the convenience and beauty of modern characteristics while maintaining the essence of that quaint country feel. And... WOW... did they succeed!

     TOUR_SittingRoom-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_MasterBedroom-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_MasterBath-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_Bedroom2-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont

Years were spent developing custom designs that in the end produced what you will quickly realize is truly the most unique real estate in Vermont. As you continue the tour you will be amazed at how every modern convenience has been veiled in quaint country charm, yielding the perfect blend of old and new.

     TOUR_Bedroom3-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_Laundry-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_Storage-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont     

These days the word "custom" in home building has become trite; simple things like cabinets made to fit the space and containing chosen features such as door style and wood variety. In the end all homes fit into a style and look pretty much the same as others in the same style. In this Vermont house, however, the word "custom" means something very different. It means you will find numerous one-of-a-kind designs and built-in conveniences that no other home in the world has. It means it's special, and everyone who enters its doors ooh's and aah's as they are visually greeted with a uniqueness they have never before encountered.

     TOUR_MainFloor_Bath-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_Pantry-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont      TOUR_MudRoom-vermont_realestate-homes_in_vermont     

Though you are being introduced to one of the most visually appealing Vermont homes you'll come across, you will also be taking a tour of a little piece of history. Immaculately restored early American architecture graces this unique house in Vermont, which though originally built as a residence, was used as a U.S. Post Office over 100 years ago. Massive beams hewn at the hands of early American settlers almost two hundred years ago are still tastefully offering a bold accent to dozens of other truly distinctive features not offered by any other Vermont real estate. We're proud to offer this one-of-a-kind country home for sale by owner.





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